Darcy graduated from Stanford University with a BA in English. She worked as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Stanford from 1980 to 1985. After completing the coursework for a doctorate in Clinical Psychology she started Darcy Prime Consulting, combining her strong interests in college admissions and academic guidance.

Her process is highly individualized as she recognizes that students’ needs are often varied. She has counseled students at the secondary, college and graduate school level, assuring the most individualized fit.

The services provided by Darcy Prime Consulting do not compete with the services offered in high school college counseling.  Instead, they often work in concert to enhance what the student is receiving.

Darcy recognizes the need to help alleviate the stress associated with what is often the first most significant life decision for her students.  Her knowledge of college admissions gleaned from both her role as an “insider” at Stanford and her consulting practice, empowers students and their families to experience the admissions process with clarity and confidence.




The college application process may sometimes seem like the most daunting academic task in the life of a student but amidst the chaos and anxiety of it all, perhaps the greatest solace lies in one incredible woman. Darcy Prime. 
Darcy is much more than just a counselor, she is the greatest friend you never knew you had. From the moment you meet her, you're overtaken by trust and you’re compelled to let her into your life as you would a long-time friend. Her warm and inviting personality makes you feel as if you can tell her anything and through this innate trust, you find yourself recalling your greatest triumphs and your biggest losses. From what seems like the best conversation you've ever had, Darcy is then able to capture the qualities that best represent you and transfer them into an essay that in only a couple hundred words becomes the greatest representation of who you are. With time, you'll grow to see how truly incredible your story is when it is properly told. Always with a smile and with immense kindness, Darcy will help you highlight all you've worked so hard on for so many years and by the end of your time with her, you'll forget how frightening this whole process once seemed--something only Darcy will help you discover. 
We all have something that makes us who we are--a passion, an experience or even a dream. The tough part is not finding what makes you special but articulating it in order for a stranger to see it as well. As a 19 year old, there are very few things I am absolutely sure about but one that I am very positive about is that Darcy Prime will change your perspective on the college admissions process in a way you never thought possible. My dreams came true and for that I can only say, "Thank you Darcy, my life would not be the same without you!" 
And so, if you’re reading this, look no further because you have just stumbled upon counseling's greatest kept secret and she is more than ready to hear your own unique story. Go tell it! 
Maria Ayala
Junior at UCLA

In my almost 20 years as a local test prep professional, I have yet to come across a College Counselor or human being that I could recommend more wholeheartedly than Darcy Prime. There's nobody better at helping students discover their true voices. There's nobody better at making the very stressful undertaking of applying to college an enjoyable and enlightening exercise.  If reports from my students are any indicator, there's nobody better at boosting the self-esteem of 16 and 17 year olds. To quote one lucky student, “My friends tell me they dread spending time with their college counselors.  Whenever I'm with Darcy, I feel about 10 feet tall!" I have passed Darcy’s name along countless times to grateful families thrilled with her wonderful approach and spectacular results. 
The downside is there's just one Darcy Prime. She can only take so many students each year, so contact her sooner than later.  Whether it's college counselors or people in general, there's nobody better.
Michael Romano   

MR. TEST PREP  Palo Alto, CA 

"Darcy saved our family's sanity while my daughter was applying to college and kept my daughter optimistic, in good spirits, and never overwhelmed by the process.  Since my daughter loved working with Darcy and felt so happy after each meeting I never had to remind her to set up or go to her appointments.  Darcy helped my daughter set up a reasonable timeline so that she was never stressed by deadlines.  Darcy set realistic goals and expectations for my daughter and boosted her self confidence.  Although she she was accepted early decision to her top choice school,  her essays for all the other schools she was planning to apply to were well on their way to completion and the entire process was under control.  I didn't have to do anything; Darcy kept things manageable and made my daughter happy.

Darcy also helped my son write his transfer application essay.  Although my son is an excellent writer, he had a very difficult time coming up with an essay about why he wanted to transfer without being very negative about the school he was at.  Darcy edited him delicately, helping him say what he wanted to say while being mindful of the application process.  " 

Ellen S.

Parent of Amherst Freshman and Stanford Senior

Before meeting with Darcy, I was extremely overwhelmed by all of my applications. She made me feel confident about my college list and helped me find my own voice for the essays.
— Heather, University of Virgina 11'

"Darcy skillfully guided my 2 daughters through the college application process. She is a great motivator and confidence builder and has wonderful rapport with both students and parents. Darcy is extremely knowledgable, with an insider view of the entire admissions process. She makes an overwhelming process manageable and much less stressful. My entire family highly recommends Darcy; we could not imagine using anyone else."

Patty Y.

Parent of Stanford Sophomore and Northwestern Senior

Photo by Harshil Shah