I believe that helping students make the best choice is a highly personalized process. I meet with your student weekly, engaging in a dynamic process that helps them pick schools which nourish their intellectual, academic and social needs. I assist them in the following ways:


  • Creating a prospective school list which will provide the most exciting and rewarding possibilities for each student.
  • Formulating ways to become better acquainted with schools via college visits, etc.
  • Helping students prepare for visits and interviews.
  • Assisting with the application and essay.
  • Helping students in setting up specific guidelines on how to organize and manage the application process in a timely manner.
  • Bringing out each student’s unique “voice” throughout the essay writing process.
  • Teaching each student how to recognize their own voice in order that admissions directors can easily recognize the student's unique qualities generated through the student's essays.
  • Providing a calm, supportive presence for students and their families during what can often be a turbulent process.